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Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

If you've concluded that you need an iron with a characteristic cast aluminum complete, there's a significant number alternative to browse. Remember that the first occasion when you utilize an uncoated iron, you'll have to oil the plates different circumstances amid heating. After a few uses, similar to a decent cast press dish, a flavoring develops on the iron, and you'll see you have to oil it less and less. Try not to get disheartened if your initial couple of stick; it's justified regardless of the additional exertion for that enduring flavoring! Another advantage of picking a cast aluminum plate is that you don't need to stress over beginning to expose what's underneath (nonstick surfaces require more care), and we've even discovered that they tend to deliver a more fresh, crunchy pizzella. 

The CucinaPro Cast Aluminum Pizzelle BakerThe CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker makes two 5? round pizzelle at once with a work of art, two-sided design, and scalloped edge. On the off chance that you like your pizzelle paper thin, this is the model for you; this iron makes superbly fresh pizzelle that are around 3/16? Thin. The CucinaPro additionally dons a short handle that requires less storage room and a locking circle that presses the two handles together, so you don't need to. A "prepared light" pointer under the handle discloses to you when the plates are hot and the perfect temperature to begin heating. In case you're hoping to supplant a more seasoned model VillaWare or Vitantonio pizzelle press, this is the nearest outline that you will discover to those all around adored, yet now old, machines. 

The Palmer Pizzelle Maker, Model 1000The Palmer Model 1000, makes two 5? round pizzelle at once, at around 1/4? Thick, so pick this model if you like your pizzelle to look on the thicker side (yet at the same time crunchy due to the limited furrows). Dissimilar to the CucinaPro, this makes pizzelle with a smooth edge, as opposed to scalloped, and it has long handled that many discover agreeable to utilize, and reminiscent of the antiquated stovetop models. These handles additionally have a locking circle so you can go without hands while they prepare. 

Through our unique request program, Palmer can even influence a custom iron for you with a monogram or family to name, the ideal blessing that makes an incredible family legacy. Call us for points of interest! 

The Palmer 3 Small Pizzelle Iron, Model 3000#3362 The Palmer 3 Ovals Pizzelle Maker, Model 3600Or perhaps you're searching for something somewhat not quite the same as the exemplary pizzelle size or shape? Palmer likewise influences a cast aluminum to press that heats three 3? round small pizzelle and also one that heats three oval molded pizzelle. The two irons include a similar two-sided outlines of the star, bloom, and harp, and also an indistinguishable long bolting handle from the great Model 1000. 

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